Is Antonio Inoki still alive? Full details on his whereabouts

Is Antonio Inoki still alive? Full details on his whereabouts

Is Antonio Inoki still alive? In 1943, Kanji Inoki was born in a wealthy Yokohama family. Of the seven boys and four girls, he was the second youngest and the sixth son. When Kanji was 5 years old, his businessman and politician father Sajiro Inoki passed away.

Inoki enrolled in Higashidai Elementary. He joined the basketball squad at Terao Junior High School when he was in the seventh grade and was 180 centimeters tall.

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Later, he gave up and became a shot putter for a track and field team. In the end, he triumphed in the junior high school track and field championships in Yokohama.

Inoki began learning karate from an older brother while he was in sixth grade, and in junior high he was scouted for a professional sumo career.

After the war, the Inoki family had financial hardship, and in 1957, the 14-year-old Inoki, together with his mother, brothers, and grandparents, emigrated to Brazil. His granddad passed away in transit to Brazil.

Inoki won regional championships in Brazil for the shot put, discus throw, and javelin throw, and then she went on to win the shot put and discus in the All Brazilian Championships.

Is Antonio Inoki still alive?

Antonio Inoki (born Kanji Inoki February 20, 1943 – October 1, 2022) was a Japanese professional wrestler and mixed martial artist. His ring name was inspired by Antonino Rocca. In his career as a wrestler and later New Japan Pro Wrestling owner, Inoki is an icon in professional wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts.

His Political Career

Inoki founded the Sports and Peace Party in 1989. He won a seat in the Japanese National Diet’s House of Councilors. Inoki was the first professional wrestler ever elected as a legislator in a nation. While a legislator, he kept on wrestling and promoting.

The first government representative from a democratic country to meet with Fidel Castro of Cuba was Inoki. Prior to the Gulf War, he also met with Saddam Hussein to discuss the release of captives from Iraq. As is customary when a head of state is in town, Saddam handed Inoki a set of golden swords.

He served in the Diet until 1995, when allegations of Yakuza connection and bribery caused a drop in his popularity, and he was not successful in winning reelection.