If you want the relationship to work don’t tell your partner these 4 things


We frequently make mistakes that result in the outcomes we were trying to avoid when searching for and maintaining a lasting relationship.

Following are some typical blunders to steer clear of if you want your new relationship to succeed:

1. Avoid sharing details of your previous relationship troubles: It’s important not to set a negative tone by constantly discussing how poorly your ex treated you.

Doing so might unintentionally communicate to your current partner that your expectations are low, potentially leading them to put in minimal effort.

Allow your new relationship to develop independently without carrying the baggage of past experiences.

They are also likely to treat you the same way if you tell them what went wrong.

2. Keep your weaknesses or easily tempted aspects to yourself: While honesty is crucial in a relationship, it’s wise not to reveal all your vulnerabilities right away.

People may use this information against you in moments of conflict or vulnerability.

Allow your partner to discover your strengths and weaknesses naturally over time, building trust gradually.

3. Be cautious about sharing your family’s secrets: Family dynamics can be complex, and revealing deep family secrets early on may create unnecessary tension.

If your partner doesn’t show respect for your family, it could eventually translate into a lack of respect for you.

Establish a foundation of mutual respect and understanding before delving into sensitive family matters.

4. Avoid discussing your body count: While transparency is important in a relationship, sharing explicit details about your past relationships, especially regarding your intimate life, might not be necessary early on.

Such discussions can lead to unnecessary comparisons or judgments. Focus on building emotional intimacy and trust before delving into sensitive details about your past.

The key is to foster open communication while being mindful of the timing and context.

Every relationship is unique, and it’s essential to let it develop organically, allowing both partners to learn about each other in a healthy and respectful manner.

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