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I will marry a Ghanaian if he is the man of my dreams – Anne Sophie Avé

Anne Sophie Avé

Anne Sophie Avé, the French Ambassador to Ghana, has stated that if she finds the guy of her dreams in Ghana, she will marry him.

Anne Sophie Avé stated that nothing will prevent her from marrying a Ghanaian.

“Why would I not marry a Ghanaian. I would certainly if I meet the man of my dreams in Ghana, I would marry a Ghanaian.”

She added that she would not think twice about settling down with a Ghanaian because of how nice the citizens have treated her since she started working.

“Ghanaians have been so sweet and nice to me. If I ever fall in love with any of them, I won’t hesitate to get married to either of them.”

In September 2018, the 54-year-old French ambassador arrived in Ghana.

She has been involved in some cultural and creative art programs in the country throughout her time there.

She was enstooled as Nkosuo Hemaa of Hani in the Bono Region in April of last year. Nana Benneh III, as she is now known, pledged to support the development of her community.

Guru, a musician, has stated that the French Ambassador’s services to Ghana’s creative arts business transcend those of those tasked with ensuring the sector’s success.

“The French ambassador has done more for our creative arts industry than the people being paid with our taxes to occupy that position,” he wrote in a tweet on Sunday, April 24.

The ambassador has indicated that her tenure ends in August 2022.

“I’m not going forever. I mean I have a property here so I’m bound to come back but as a regular tourist,” she said in an interview.


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