“I Still Love Him, No Man Is Perfect” — Lady Says After Her Boyfriend Did This To Her


A very young lady who was earlier hospitalized after her boyfriend beat her up has allegedly returned to him saying that she is still in love with him.

The lady who returned back to her boyfriend after beating and deforming her face took social media to post her injured face, this happened to her few months ago and many people were being sympathetic, urging her to arrest the boyfriend for doing this thing to her.

The shocking part of this whole thing is that the lady stayed in the hospital for a very long time because of the intensity of the injuries she obtained from the attack but still she is back to the same guy.

She made it known in her post that the guy have been treating her badly and this guy we are talking about is a body-builder, huge and intimidating. However, after the young lady recovered, after spending many days in the hospital, she has gone back to the boyfriend to continue with the relationship.

We at saw this story on Twitter as a posted it to confirm that the lady is back into the toxic relationship, saying, “September 27, she posted the picture of her in the hospital. Fifty-six days later, she posted this picture of them together with this story”.

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The lady even turned against those who were sympathizing with her initial, warning them to stay off her relationship because no one is perfect. She said that her man already realized his mistakes, and he is now ready to make the relationship work, declaring that he already promised that he would not be violent again.

Furthermore, she cautioned those who are calling her boyfriend a beast, urging them to desist, saying that her boyfriend has a weakness which is, beating a woman! Nevertheless, another Twitter user responded that beating up a woman all the time is not a weakness. She wrote, “It’s “nobody is perfect” for me that she is using to sugar-coat how physically abusive her man is.

You beat me like that, I don’t care how long we have been together, I am leaving you the same time and getting a restraining order. Beating up a woman isn’t an imperfection”. People are angry that she went back to the man who is fond of beating her.

According to many social media users, this is not the first or the second time her boyfriend will be physically abusing her. It is said that the abuse is a regular occurrence, and she always goes back.

Some ladies are advising her to see a counsellor or at least a psychologist / psychiatrist to examine her because she is not emotionally stable. A man wrote, “If this thing is psychological as they say, then such people need psychological help the minute they report cases of abuse. This is tiring, to say the least”. 


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