“I lost everything after cheating on my girlfriend” – Homeless man shares (Video)

Homeless man

An African American guy described with regret how his lover’s infidelity made him a Homeless man and also to lose everything.

In a popular video, he recounted how their lofty expectations for their marriage’s future were dashed by his adultery. The homeless man told a content creator about it, and the creator offered him $500 after hearing about his worst regret in life.

He claimed that once he strayed, he and his fiancée would no longer be able to buy a house, vehicle, and live together as a family.

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The man sobbed as he described his experience and begged everyone to treat women with respect in order to avoid making the same mistakes as him.

He said;

“I say cheating on my girl cos after I cheated on her, I lost everything. So that’s my biggest regret right there.

We talked about buying a house, we talked about buying a car, just living the life together but now look at me, I’ve got nothing, I’ve lost it. If you got a good girl, just love her and cherish her don’t be like me”.

Watch the video below,


“After I cheated on her, I lost everything” 😳 (Donation L!NK ON B!O) #kindness #homeless #motivationalvideo #relationshipadvice

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