Here’s Fantana’s trending adult-only video that has got Ghanaians talking (Watch)


The Ghanaian singer Fantana, who enjoys getting cosmetic surgery, has made headlines for her latest trip to Dubai, where she underwent body enhancement surgery.

Fantana has never hidden the fact that she has improved certain areas of her body, as is well known.

Fanatan visited The Clinique in Instabul during her most recent trip to Turkey in order to artificially alter certain body parts.

The Clinique Istanbul prides itself as the best clinic in Istanbul for hair transplants, cosmetic surgeries, and dental treatments.

They claim their Medical are highly skilled, internationally educated, board-certified.

The hospital lists the Joint Commission and the International Organization for Standardization as its certifications on its official website.

The health center has posted before and after pictures of the Ghanaian singer’s breasts because Fantana is one of their regular customers.

Fantana’s breasts were drooping at first, but now that Clinique Istanbul touched them, they are firmly in place.

The video features Fantana’s bare stomach as well as boobs and this has got Ghanaians talking.

Watch the video here

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