Here Are Some Reasons Why Most African Women Wear Waist Beads

Waist Beads

The fact is waist beads is a traditional African fashion accessory that is usually made of small beads on a string and worn around the waist or hips.

Waist Beads are also usually available in different colors, shapes, and sizes and some of them also contain crystals and charms. They are handmade and were used by women of old to feel more feminine and beautiful. 

Below are some of the reasons most African women wear waist beads.

Sexual attraction

Some women wear pearls at the waist because they are believed to attract the opposite sex. Waist beads are believed to elicit deep emotional responses. There is a saying which goes that “it is the bulges that make the buttocks tremble”.

 Weight control

 Some women wear pearls at the waist to track their weight. Due to the fact that the size beads do not stretch, you can use them to gauge your waist size. As you gain weight, the beads will sit higher on the waist or feel tight. And if you were to lose weight, the beads will feel loose and fall lower to the hips.

 Although waist beads are frowned upon by some people who consider them to be fetishists, they are quickly becoming a trend.

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 Weight loss:

 Are you tired of wearing waist-high sneakers? buy a bead to size. They will help you reduce your height and also help you monitor your weight.

 Normally the beads will rest on your hips, but once they start to climb up and rest on your stomach, you’ll know you’ve put on some weight and it’s time to watch what you’re eating.


 Waist beads have been used by girls to become more aware of their tummy and sitting position.

 They serve as a reminder to know when to sit up straight or when to tighten your tummy muscles so that your fat tummy does not come out.

Beads fit differently depending on how a girl sits.

Finally, the size pearls have come to stay. Although some people wear waist beads to protect themselves from evil eyes and negative energy (most waist beads that contain chakras and crystals are used for this), others wear them as an accessory. 

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