Video: Heavily Endowed Ladies Cause Stair As They Shake Their Huge Backside To Confuse Church Pastor

Heavily Endowed Ladies

Church Pastors are going through a lot of temptations nowadays, here is what heavy endowed ladies was seen doing at church.

Ladies with huge backsides are mostly seen online showing all kinds of tempting dances, now the church is also experiencing this kind of temptation as heavily endowed ladies cause stairs as they shake their huge backside in church.

Off late, some pastors have been trending for all the wrong reasons as they allow for the pulpit to be defied by unhealthy attitudes by themselves or church members. It is in the case of this pastor who sat and enjoyed as some ladies twerked right in front of him during praises session.

In the video sighted by Ghnewslive, some heavy-endowed ladies were captured dancing before the pastor of the church when one lady decided to entice the pastor with her big bortos as she shook it for the pastor and his elders.

The short video shared on Instagram starts with the lady vibing hard like other congregants during the praise session.

The lady’s act in the celestial church popularly known as white garment church went on before the supposed seated pastor who didn’t flinch or react.


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