Hajia4Real Revealed Why She Doesn’t Defend Herself From Negative News Published About Her

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Hajia4Real has finally revealed why she doesn’t come out to defend herself from negative news published about her on the internet, and we love her energy.

Born Mona Faiz Montrage on 26 June 1992, she is better known by her stage name Mona 4Reall or Hajia4Reall. She is a Ghanaian socialite, model, musician, and businesswoman.

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Hajia4Real is very good with hiding from the media even though she’s always outside and you hardly see her react to claims about her or negative news like bleaching her skin and dating married men or even living a fake lifestyle.

Speaking in a recent interview, Hajia4Real said she knows people don’t know who exactly she is and tries to know her by publishing all sorts of things about her but then she never gives in to reply that because it takes a lot of energy and we admire her for that.

It’s a smart move on the side of Hajia4Real not to react to negative news about her because it easily dies off when she’s silent about it but the moment she tries to explain or defend herself, we guess things will be dragged.

video below;


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