Ghana Parliament: See Why These Photos Are Trending As Matters Arise Over Cruel E-levy.

by Ghnewslive

The e-levy is now one of the controversial proposals in Ghana’s history, and the matter about it is back on the floors of parliament as the main agenda.

Parliament resumes today on the controversial e-levy for which it has left many people in suspense. Both the minority and majority are doing everything in their own capacity to make things go their preferred way and that has led to the resurrection of many matters. This includes the series of brawls in the chamber last year, adjournment of the house, and many others. Let’s see what happens today.

Popular cartoonist, Tilapia who communicates vigorously through arts has dropped her new artwork which is going viral online. This artwork of his is concerned with the controversies behind the implementation of the e-levy which many Ghanaians are against. See some of the viral artworks of his that are causing stirs online below:


This artwork of hers ain’t viral only but have caused series of reactions from many netizens on the platform. See some of the reactions below:


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