“Germany Gave Us A Home After You Rejected Us”- Ghanaian Gays Mock Ghanaians [Video]

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This group of Ghanaian gays who stays in Germany took all the attention on the internet after dropping a video to mock people who are currently living in Ghana.

The video of these Ghanaian guys went viral after hitting the internet, in the video, they expressed their happiness for being accepted in Germany and also showed happy they are as they get love and support from the people in Germany.

As it stands now, there have been many people pushing for the act of gay or lesbianism to be criminalized. The issue of banning the activities of gays or homosexuality has been something every Ghanaian wants to know how the current government will handle.

There has been an Anti-Gay bill led by Sam George who is a member of parliament for Ningo-Prampram. All that he is seeking is for Ghana Parliament to have the practice of gay and lesbians abolished completely in the Country.

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Not long ago, a video of a Ghanaian gay and his partner got married in Germany got a lot of Ghanaians talking. Some of the family members of the Ghanaian gay went to grace the occasion.

In the new video on our youtube channel, a group of Ghanaian gays in Germany has hit the internet again to express how happy they are since Germany has accepted them after they got rejected in Ghana.

According to the group, it is more essential to be yourself than to conform to what society wants you to be.

We are trending and they are bleeding. We are now in Germany as a family because you people said you don’t want us. We are trending and you are bleeding,

They said

Watch the video below: