George Kambosos Greek Parents, Father Jim And Mother

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George Kambosos Greek Parents were Greek. In his family, he is the only child.

George Kambosos Greek: Boxer Kambosos Jr. is a 29-year-old Greek-Australian. He held the lightweight championships of the WBA (Super), WBO, IBF, and The Ring from June 2021 until June 2022. The Ring, TBRB, and BoxRec all rank him as the top lightweight in the world as of September 2022.

In May 2013, George competed in his first professional boxing match against the Filipino Jayson Mac Gura. He defeated him in the second round through technical knockout. He won the WBA Oceania championship in December 2016 by defeating ninth-ranked boxer Brandon Ogilvie.

The next person he fought was Qamil Balla, who he beat by unanimous decision after ten rounds. Five months later, he beat Krai Setthaphon in the ninth round to win the WBA Oceania belt and the IBF Pan Pacific belt in the lightweight division.

He has only lost one of his 21 games. He has won 20 of them. He has also knocked out his opponent in 10 of his wins. He is 5 feet and 8 inches tall and plays in the lightweight division.

George Kambosos
George Kambosos

George Kambosos’ Parents Are Greek

Kambosos was born in Sydney, New South Wales, on June 14, 1993. His parents are from Greece. Kambosos has the famous Spartan war cry “Never retreat, never surrender” tattooed on his body to honor his ancestors.

His father’s family left Sparta, Laconia, Greece, and moved to Australia. Because he was overweight as a child and started playing junior rugby league with the Gymea Gorillas at a young age, he was often picked on by other kids. At age 11, his father put him in boxing classes to help him get healthy.

When Kambosos quickly lost weight and joined the Cronulla Sharks development squad, his coach was Ricky Stuart. But when Kambosos was a teen, he had to choose between boxing and baseball.

Jim is the Operations Manager/Advisor at Ferocious Promotions, where his son works. His mother is also from Greece, and she is a big fan of him.

George takes time out of his busy schedule to spend time with his parents. He also never forgets to tell them happy birthday.

George Kambosos Jr.’s manager is also his father, Jim Kambosos

Jim Kambosos, the operations manager and advisor for Ferocious Promotions, is also George Kambosos Jr.’s manager. Because of this, he has a big effect on Jim Kambosos’s career.

Jim’s LinkedIn profile says that he has been a key part of making the company run smoothly and efficiently.

He studied Business sports management, Sports management at De la Salle Marrickville, and Communications, Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services at the University of negotiating.

Ferocious Promotions is actively involved in the success, growth, and mental health of its boxers, both in the United States and around the world.

Over the past 13 years, Jim has learned a lot about how to coach and advise players who want to become well-known elite athletes and possible world champions.

Jim is in charge of all day-to-day operations at Ferocious Promotions and makes sure they are done well.

Jim has been in charge of George Kabosos Jr.’s career from when he was an amateur to when he is now a professional. To get to the top, managing a boxer requires a lot of time spent researching, traveling, negotiating, and dealing with the highs and lows of the sport. It also takes a lot of money.

Jim has always earned the trust of his fighters, which is a key to success.

Sponsorship is a big part of a boxer’s growth, and Jim has built up great relationships with our clients, who give sponsorship money to help their fighters do well.

Jim has often traveled to Australia and other countries on behalf of Ferocious Promotions. He has built strong relationships with other boxers, boxing promoters, managers, advisors, attorneys, trainers, sports science doctors, and physicians, as well as top-tier nutritional and strength and conditioning companies.

Jim knows that the most important thing for a boxer to do is to prepare well and go into each match expecting to win.

Ferocious Promotions is a management and consulting company that promotes boxing. They have a lot of success and are growing into a serious international business. It works to put on the best fights and give young boxers who want to be champions and, more importantly, respected athletes the best chance to reach their goals.

George Kambosos Jr. and his wife Bec Pereira are the proud parents of three children

George Kambosos Jr. is ready to have a traditional wedding for Rebecca Pereira, his wife and the mother of their three children.

Marca says that the Australian-Greek boxer thanked his wife in public for all the help she has given him over the years.

Kambosos told the Herald Sun, “She is my wife and the mother of my three wonderful children, but it’s time to give her the wedding she deserves.

Rebecca is an outstanding person. She has been there for me through the good times and all the ups and downs of boxing.

“I remember how hard it was at first,” the boxer said. Even though I had $50 in the bank, I couldn’t even take her out to lunch. It was embarrassing.

“Now that I’ve done well in boxing, I want her to get married in style as a thank you for all the sacrifices she has made,” he said.

In 2014, when Pereira was a model, she and her boyfriend met. About 7,000 people follow the possible wife of Kambosos Jr. on Instagram, but it’s not clear what she does for a living. But it’s clear from her social media posts that she loves and spends a lot of time with her family.

Mrs. Kambosos Jr. seems to be a housewife who often posts on social media about her life. She talks about her family a lot more than George Kambosos Jr. does on Instagram.

She was born and raised in Australia.

George Kambosos Jr. is a father and a world champion.

George Kambosos Jr. has three children. Evalias Kambosos and Leonidas Kambosos are his two oldest children. In September, their third child was born.

After beating Teofimo Lopez in a fight that no one saw coming, George Kambosos Jr. of Australia became the undisputed lightweight world champion.

He did well against all odds, went into Teofimo Lopez’s backyard in the U.S., and took his WBA, IBF, and WBO belts.

His 20th win was a tribute to his late grandfather, George Kambosos, which he shared with his wife and children.

When Kambosos was told he had won, he said, “This is for my grandfather, George Kambosos, who died two months ago. I’m sure he’s with me in here.”

Even after Lopez’s strange interview crash, Kambosos brought up his opponent’s family. He said, “I want him to enjoy his son.”

Kambosos said, “Forget about it all; the most important thing is our children.”

George Kambosos
George Kambosos

Is George Kambosos Jr married?

Rebecca Pereira is married to George Kambosos Jr.

George Kambosos Jr. has how many kids?

As of 2022, George Kambosos Jr. has three children.

Who is the father of George Kambosos Jr.?

Jim Kambosos, the father of Kambosos Jr., also manages him.

Early years

Kambosos was born to parents with Greek roots in Sydney, New South Wales. His father’s family moved from Sparta, Laconia, Greece, to Australia. As a tribute to his heritage, Kambosos has the famous Spartan war cry “Never retreat, never surrender” tattooed on his body. He started playing junior rugby league for the Gymea Gorillas when he was young. Because he was overweight as a child, he was often picked on, so his father put him in boxing classes when he was 11 to get him in better shape.

Kambosos quickly lost the extra weight and was put on the Cronulla Sharks development squad, where he was coached by Ricky Stuart. As a teenager, he had to choose between boxing and rugby league. He chose to become a boxer, and in his first 100 fights as an amateur, he won 85 of them. Only then did he turn pro. Throughout his childhood, Kambosos went to Bexley Public School in the southern suburbs of Sydney.

Work as a professional

In May 2013, when he was 19 years old, Kambosos fought and beat Filipino boxer Jayson Mac Gura in his first professional fight. He won by a technical knockout in the second round. In December 2016, he beat the world’s number nine, Brandon Ogilvie, to win the WBA Oceania title.

Then, in May 2017, he fought Qamil Balla and won by unanimous decision after ten rounds. Five months later, he knocked Krai Setthaphon out in the ninth round and won the lightweight division titles for WBA Oceania and IBF Pan Pacific.

Manny Pacquiao chose Kambosos as his main sparring partner in June 2017 to get ready for his fight with Jeff Horn. Kambosos has been Pacquiao’s main sparring partner for all of his fights since Horn, too. In April 2018, Kambosos made a deal with DiBella Entertainment to promote their music.

In May 2018, he made his first fight in the US. In just 1 minute and 48 seconds, he knocked out Jose Forero.

In his second fight in the US, which took place on January 19, 2019, at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas on the undercard of Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner, Kambosos won by unanimous decision against Rey Perez. On June 7 in Athens, Greece, Kambosos fought Richard Pena of Venezuela and knocked him out in round six in front of a packed Galatsi Olympic Hall. Pena was 11-2 with 9 knockouts. After he won, he challenged José Pedraza, who had won the world title in two different categories.

On December 14, 2019, Kambosos went up against former IBF lightweight champion Mickey Bey, who was his toughest opponent to date. On the same night as Terence Crawford vs. Egidijus Kavaliauskas, he won the fight by a split decision. Kambosos won with scores of 97-92, 96-93, and 94-95.

Kambosos vs Selby

At The SSE Arena in London on October 31, 2020, Kambosos beat Lee Selby, who had been the IBF featherweight champion, by a split decision. Selby was ranked number one by the WBO, number four by the IBF, and number twelve by the WBC. After beating Selby, Kambosos was forced to fight for the IBF lightweight title.

The IBF told unbeaten lightweight champion Teófimo López on January 9, 2021, that he had to defend his titles against Kambosos, who was their number one contender and a mandatory challenger. The fight was supposed to happen on June 5, 2021, at the LoanDepot Park in Miami, Florida.

However, it was moved back several times because of problems with López’s contract with COVID-19 and disagreements about where the fight should happen. The purse was up for bid, and Triller won with a bid of more than US$6 million. But on October 6, it came out that Triller had broken its contract with the IBF by not putting on the fight.

Its rights were given to Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom, which had been the second highest bidder, and the fight was only shown live on the streaming service DAZN. Kambosos won the fight by a split decision and is now the new unified lightweight world champion. One judge gave it to López 114–113, but the other two judges gave it to Kambosos 115–112 and 115–111.

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