Father Puts Troublesome Son Inside Box To Barb His Hair

Father Puts Troublesome Son Inside Box To Barb His Hair

A dissatisfied father created an ingenious method to keep his son in a fixed position in order to barb his son’s hair.

The baby boy’s father was identified on Tiktok as @kelechianthony475 and has been praised by social media users for devising a clever strategy to keep his youngster steady in order to barb his hair.

The youngster was placed inside a box with a hole at the top where his head was occupied in the video published by the father on Tiktok. He was spotted sitting peacefully as his father clipped his hair.

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Father Puts Troublesome Son Inside Box

Read some social media comments.

@Tete commented, “I don save am for fun reference.”

@Omerebere reacted: “See update ooo.”

@sweedypresh30 commented: “See the way he da shine eyes.

@NASA’S SIGNATURE said: “I shouted JESUS, this gen z no like stress.”

@palacsh nonih reacted: “The boy eyes seff still dey promise in mama further problem after the hair cut.”

@userpeecharles commented: “For the boy to even stay there so quietly without crying and struggling to come out shows he is a calm boy. My son will pull himself out.”

@Wesley Kevin said: “You feel say you dey wise, a child that refuses to let the mother sleep himself will not sleep.” 


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