Facts About Nelson Agholor Family, Including His Parents Felix and Caroline Agholor

Nelson Agholor Parents
Nelson Agholor

Facts About Nelson Agholor Family

Felix and Caroline Agholor are Nelson Agholor’s parents. Nelson is a wide receiver for the football team. He is a current member of the New England Patriots of the National Football League.

Agholor participated in the football programme for the University of Southern California Trojans during his time as a college athlete. In 2012, he was a freshman and participated in all 13 games for the team as a reserve wide receiver. He finished the year with 19 receptions, 340 yards, and two touchdowns.

On December 13, 2015, against the Buffalo Bills, he scored his first touchdown in the National Football League on a reception from quarterback Sam Bradford that covered 53 yards.

In his first season with the team in 2015, Nelson played in 13 games and recorded a touchdown along with 283 receiving yards. After moving to the slot receiver position for the 2017 season, he saw an increase in his fan base and popularity.

On September 10, 2017, the Eagles kicked off their 2017 campaign with a 30-17 victory over the Washington Redskins. During the first quarter of that game, he caught a touchdown pass from quarterback Carson Wentz that covered 58 yards.

Ultimately, he finished the game with nine receptions and 84 receiving yards for the Eagles in their victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, which they won 41-33.

Nelson Agholor Parents

His father, Felix Agholor, and his mother, Caroline Agholor, are Nelson Agholor’s parents.

Nelson Agholor is one of Felix and Caroline Agholor’s three kids, and he plays football for the New England Patriots. On May 24, 1993, he was welcomed into the world by his parents in Lagos, Nigeria.

In Nigeria, Mr. Felix used to compete in various football games. Now, his son has followed in his father’s footsteps and established himself as a well-known figure in the NFL community.

The wide receiver never forgets to express gratitude to his parents for all of the assistance they have given him. It appears that he and his mother have a strong relationship, as he frequently posts images of his mother to his Instagram account.

The athlete credited his mother as being the single most important person in his life for motivating him to achieve his goals.

Recently, for Mother’s Day, he uploaded a series of images of his mother and praised her for the unending love and prayers she has given him throughout his life. It was written here: “Many thanks! for fervently praying that God’s favour and protection remain upon me.”

Caroline Agholor is the mother of New England Patriots wide receiver Nelson Agholor.

The Nelson Agholor Family Has Their Origins in Nigeria

Both of Nelson’s parents were born in Nigeria but made the decision to relocate to the United States in search of better opportunities. The player was only five years old at the time the game took place.

Around the year 1988, the Agholor family made their permanent home in Tampa, which is located in the United States. After that, both Mr. and Mrs. Agholor were able to find work that paid the minimum wage.

They sent their kid to Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa, Florida, where Nelson played for the Berkeley Buccaneers in a variety of positions including running back, wide receiver, and defensive back.

When presented with the opportunity, Nelson never missed an occasion to brag about his homeland of Nigeria, and he never wavered in his determination to do so.

Siblings of Nelson Agholor

Wide Receiver for the Patriots Nelson Agholor Is the Middle Brother of Four.

Nelson Agholor, a player for the NFL, spent his childhood alongside his four siblings, which included two brothers and two sisters.

During an earlier interview, Agholor revealed that he is a tremendous eater who particularly enjoys traditional Nigerian cuisine. In a similar vein, he acknowledged that his older brother is his primary inspiration and the one with whom he travelled across the Bahamas.

The player has been keeping the identities of his siblings a secret up until this point. It is unknown who they are or what their professional backgrounds are at this time.

Nelson Agholor had a rich and eventful upbringing in Tampa, Florida, where he and his four siblings grew up in a house with three bedrooms.

A member of Nelson’s extended family that is deeply devoted to him is his grandma, Leslie Berlin. During his time as a senior in high school, he lived with her.

At the time that Nelson was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft, his loved ones, close friends, and high school coaches gathered at his apartment with two bedrooms to celebrate this momentous occasion.

His childhood was spent in a three-bedroom house in Tampa, Florida, with his parents and four brothers. He will never forget those years.

In his reality, his three brothers had a single bedroom, while his two sisters occupied the other, and, at least among the brothers, there was continual competition for space.

Who Is Nelson Agholor’s Girlfriend Viviana Volpicelli?

Viviana Volpicelli is an internet personality who is recognised for her fashion, fitness, and skincare blogs. Nelson Agholor’s girlfriend is also a fashion blogger.

She has established a reputation for herself in the business world thanks to her savvy marketing tactics and her ability to break into the beauty industry. In 2017, the stunning woman launched a beauty blog on which she provides recommendations for the most effective skincare routines and makeup items.

Viviana Volpicelli is a beauty and fashion blogger, and she is Nelson Agholor’s girlfriend. Agholor plays for the NFL.

Earlier, Volpicelli mentioned that she struggled with acne at a very young age, which substantially impacted her self-confidence and made her feel less attractive.

After conducting extensive research on the many distinct types of skin and the care regimens that are most effective for each of those skin types, the lady started developing items that were tailored specifically to her needs.

After putting her own money on the line and experiencing nothing but positive results, Volpicelli was able to effectively convince others to try out her products.

She made it abundantly clear, both on her website and in her blog, that the website and the advice it offered were geared toward females who desired to improve their levels of self-confidence and make the most of their physical appearance.

In addition, she offers guidance on topics such as diet, fitness, and makeup, all of which have a substantial bearing on how attractive a person appears.

Viviana, Agholor’s girlfriend, can be found on Instagram under the handle @viviana volpicelli, where she has over 196,000 followers and her account has been verified by Instagram. In her Instagram account, she describes herself as a chef who specialises in plant-based cuisine.

Age Gap Betwwen Nelson Agholor and Viviana Volpicelli

The age difference between Nelson Agholor and his girlfriend, Viviana Volpicelli, is two years.

At the moment, football player Nelson Agholor has 29 years under his belt. Gemini is his zodiac sign because he was born on May 24th, making it his birthday.

The stunning Viviana Volpicelli, who has been dating Nelson for the past few years, is now 27 years old. On May 8, 1995, she came into the world in Palos Verdes, California, to her parents, Anton and Diane.

Her father, Mr. Anton, is a physician who worked in a medical centre in the city of El Segundo, in the state of California. In a similar vein, her mother, Mrs. Volpicelli, works in the field of real estate.
She enjoyed a wealthy upbringing as a result of her parents’ high-paying professions, and they are completely supportive of Viviana’s decision to pursue the career path she has chosen.

Viviana went to Palos Verdes High School, which is well-known for the notable accomplishments of its former students. After that, she enrolled in the Real Estate Development programme at the University of Southern California to earn her bachelor’s degree.

She is now driven by a desire to assist others in enhancing their beauty and self-confidence so that they can take full advantage of the opportunities that life has to offer.

It has been discovered that Nelson is two years older than his lover Viviana after looking at the circumstances of their respective births.

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Relationship Status of Wide Receiver Nelson Agholor

A longtime relationship has been going on between NFL player Nelson Agholor and beauty blogger Viviana Volpicelli. When they were both working on their bachelor’s degrees at the University of Southern California, the two became acquainted.

In the beginning, Agholor and Volpicelli were just friends, but over time, their deep bond developed into a romantic partnership.

The couple’s relationship was established beyond a reasonable doubt after they posted a photo of themselves together on social media in the year 2017.

Nelson Agholor, the current holder of the Super Bowl championship, spent one season playing for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Even though they have been together for a number of years, the couple has not yet committed themselves to one another in the form of marriage vows. Their connection is going from strength to strength, and there is no indication that they will ever part ways or end their relationship.

Because there are no traces of Nelson’s previous relationships to be found, Volpicelli is often regarded as Nelson’s first love. The two are not planning to get married anytime soon and are presently concentrating on their separate careers rather than a wedding.

Because they didn’t like the attention that their romance received from the press, the two rarely brought up their relationship in public.

Nelson Agholor
Nelson Agholor

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Quick Facts on Nelson Agholor

Full NameNelson Efamehule Agholor
Age29 years old
Birth Date24 May 1993
Place of BirthLagos, Nigeria
ProfessionFootball player
PositionWide receiver
FatherFelix Agholor
MotherCaroline Agholor
Listed Height6 feet (183 centimeters)
Listed Weight90 kg (198 lbs)
GirlfriendVivian Volpicelli
Siblings4 (two brothers and two sisters)

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Quick Facts on Viviana Volpicelli

Full NameViviana Volpicelli
Age27 years old
Birth Date9 May 1995
Place of birthCalifornia, USA
FatherAnton Volpicelli
MotherDiane Volpicelli


How Old Is NFL Player Nelson Agholor?

NFL player Nelson Agholor is now 29 years old, born to Felix And Caroline Agholor, on 24 May 1994, in Lagos, Nigeria.

Is NFL Star Nelson Agholor Married?

NFL star Nelson Agholor is presently unmarried; however, he is dating beauty blogger Viviana Volpicelli. The two were students at the University of California and turned their friendship into a relationship.

What Is Nelson Agholor Girlfriend Viviana Volpicelli Age?

Nelson Agholor’s darling girlfriend Viviana Volpicelli is 27 years old, born on 8 May 1995, in Palos, Verdes, California. She is the daughter of Dr. Anton and real estate agent, Diane Volpicelli.