VIDEO: Drug Addict Reveals How They Now Smoke Faeces As Weed

In a nearby neighborhood, a 47-year-old drug addict claimed that occasionally, he and his pals would mix tramadol, marijuana, and dried human and animal excrement.

Officials from the Narcotics Control Commission (NCC) claim that more young people are using discarded sanitary pads as energy drinks and smoking dried feces.

Representatives of the NCC in Ghana have apologized for the terrible incident and appealed for coordinated action to deal with the problem head-on.

Bernard Tuffour remarked on the Ambassador TV’s Drug Addicts Show that some people consume dried feces “with marijuana,” while others only do so.

Bernard Tuffour, a drug user for 31 years, stated:

“Those who smoke with dried faeces have the belief without the dried faeces they can never survive”

Bernard Tuffour added “Those who are addicted to smoking dried faeces sometimes go to the public toilet to get human excreta and dry it for some days before they smoke it”

“Those who smoke dried faeces are in a critical situation and only God can save them from that situation”

“I have never smoked dried faeces but I know some of my friends who do. I feel worried when I see them in that condition because they are going through a lot” he added.

“As I said some of them mix the dried faeces with weed while others mix it with tramadol. Dry the faeces for 5 to 6 days to make sure it is well dried. They will package the dried faeces like packaging weed then they smoke it. You will feel sorry if you see them engaging in that act”


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