Doctor And Nurse Suspended For Chopping Themselves Too Loudly And Disturbing Patients

Doctor And Nurse

A Doctor and Nurse in Tanzania have been suspended for disturbing their patients by having loud $ex at the hospital. The incident happened at a hospital in Tabora. has spotted a report on two health workers (Doctor and Nurse) who are in the habit of ignoring the presence of their patients and having $ex inside one of the facility’s wards, this particular news is currently trending.

A report by made it known that the patients in the ward had run out of restraint and could not withstand the steamy sessions between the trainee doctor the nurse, hence they complained to the hospital’s authorities and immediate action was taken.

The Kaliua District Commissioner (DC) in the person of Paul Chacha held an emergency meeting with health workers on Monday, November 29, during which he announced the suspension of the randy staff.

He made it clear that the disciplinary committee had already been set up to investigate the matter and its report will determine what further action to take against the doctor and the nurse.

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He also assured that the hospital will not shield the accused health workers if the committee’s report finds them culpable for the offense.

“If this person is an intern, the hospital should check on him and see how he is fairing on. Why leave him to do this? A negative report about him will be sent,” said Chacha as quoted by

The hospital in question is reported to have made news headlines following one of its doctors carrying out illegal abortions, so the latest development might further dent its image.

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