DMX Net Worth


DMX was an American rapper and actor whose net worth plummeted to -$1 million after a series of financial setbacks.

Earl Simmons was his given name as a child, but as he grew older, he adopted the moniker DMX as his professional moniker. He was born on December 18, 1970, in Mount Vernon, New York, to Arnett Simmons, who raised him alone.

His mother gave birth to him while he was an adolescent when she was only 19 years old, and she was determined to raise him well, but that all changed when his mother met a new partner who regularly abused him.

For DMX, that was the start of a difficult upbringing. He left school and became homeless since life at home with his mother and her partner was becoming increasingly tough.

DMX was placed in a Children’s Home, where he stayed for over a year. Life had given DMX a complete movie, and he began creating rap lines based on his experiences and performing them for his pals.

Luck shined on him when he met Ready Ron who admired his courage and talent thereby becoming a partner to him.

In 1998, His debut album titled “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” sold an impressive 251,000 copies within its first week and will go on to sell over five million more.

Other projects were published by DMX, but his best-selling album, “And Then There Was X,” was released in December 1999. It set several records and debuted at number one on Billboard.

The album went on to receive six Platinum certifications. All of this contributed to his being a true Super Star name in the early 2000s when he was named Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Artist in both 2000 and 2011. DMX will also receive his first-ever Grammy nomination, being nominated for three prizes.

DMX got married to Tashera Simmons, a Union that went on to last for 11 years with four children namely, Tocoma, Praise, Xavier Mary Ella, and Shawn. Sadly the couple announced their divorce in 2010.

Before their divorce, their marriage was already full of cheating rumors hanging around the neck of DMX. Multiple DNA tests confirmed that he fathered at least two children as a result of these extramarital affairs. Once DNA results proved that DMX fathered Monique Wayne’s son in 2007, he was ordered to pay her $1.5 million.

DMX was incarcerated several times. He was arrested multiple times and it’s all have been for resisting arrest, animal cruelty, reckless driving, unlicensed driving, drug possession, identity falsification, among other offenses.

DMX filed for bankruptcy in July 2013 in which he claimed to have roughly $50,000 in assets in the region of $1 million to $10 million debt to differentiate creditors.

According to his Attorney, his debt issues took a toe on his Music career because he was denied access to Visas to go out and perform overseas.