Didier Drogba loses the Côte d’Ivoire football federation Presidency election to Idriss Diallo with 21 votes

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Didier Drogba misses out on FA presidency role

Didier Drogba has been eliminated from the Presidential election of the Ivorian Football Federation, after losing out in the first round of voting.

Yacine Diallo and Sory Diabate will proceed to the second round.

131 total votes

59 votes: Yacine
50 votes: Sory
21 votes: Drogba

Officially, Idriss Diallo has been elected president of the Côte d’Ivoire football federation.

Many were routing for Didier Drogba to win the election and achieve the same feat as his colleague Samuel Eto’o.

Drogba was recently added to the premier league hall of fame and winning this election would have made his year a great one but it is not over for him.

He can give it a try in the next election that is set to take place in a few years time

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