Derek Jacobi Parents: Meet Derek Jacobi’s Family

Derek Jacobi Parents

Derek Jacobi is a popular Actor and film director who has appeared on both the stage and big screens. Due to his hardworking nature, he has won so many awards including a Primetime Emmy and a Tony Award. Ghnewslive is here today to tell you about his parents as our title specifies.

Early Life of Derek Jacobi

On October 22, 1938, Derek Jacobi was born in Leytonstone, London, England. Dereck happens to be the only child of his parents. The work of his father was a tobacconist and his mother on the other hand was a secretary. Derek attended Leyton Sixth Form College and he also grew up in Walthamstow. After his high school education, he got admitted into the University of Cambridge, where he became part of the Marlowe Society and acted in several productions.

Meet Derek Jacobi Parents

The parents of Derek Jacobi are Alfred and Daisy Jacobi, who were both born in London. Ailfred, the father of Derek Jacob, was born on February 23rd, 1908 in Hackney, London, and his mother on November 7th, 1909 in Leytonstone, London.

After their 1935 nuptials, his parents welcomed him into the world as their lone child three years later.

The owner of a tobacconist shop in Leytonstone, Alfred was a dedicated worker. He had a reputation for being trustworthy, committed, and family-oriented. As a secretary and loving mother, Daisy was the complete opposite. At an early age, she pushed Derek to pursue his dreams and supported his love of performing.

Derek Jacobi’s Relationship with His Parents

When it came to his parents, Derek Jacobi was incredibly close. Due to the fact that he was their only child, they encouraged him in whatever he did. Derek frequently emphasizes how important it was for him to have his parents’ encouragement and support in order to be successful as an actor. Also, he has stated that his father served as an example for him, motivating him to put in effort and maintain his commitment.

Derek Jacobi remarked in a conversation with The Guardian, “It gave me the confidence to pursue my aspirations since I always felt their love and support. I will always be appreciative of them because they were both amazing parents.”


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