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Daddy Lumba Dredges Up Bitter Past Experiences Going Back 5 Years

Daddy Lumba Dredges Up Bitter Past Experiences
Highlife artist, Daddy Lumba.

Daddy Lumba Dredges Up Bitter Past Experiences

Highlife extraordinaire, Charles Kwadwo Fosu, referred to well as Daddy Lumba, has unveiled that family, friends and loved ones, deserted him when he fell debilitated and got out of commission for five (5) good years.

The music legend was thought to be deceased at some point back when many individuals lost touch with him, his music, as well as his presence. However, such baseless rumors were immediately refuted in advance by his manager, who emerged to expose the unsubstantiated speculations about his demise and furthermore assailed the media for getting out bogus news.

In a video identified on his certified YouTube channel, Daddy Lumba, valued his fans and the people who have been advancing his tunes. He forwarded a unique thank you remark to his DL Fans who have maintained his image.

Daddy Lumba disclosed a miserable and stunning experience he had with certain close friends and relatives who deserted him and never visited him at his place of abode, or the emergency ward when he was unwell.

Daddy Lumba Dredges Up Bitter Past Experiences
Daddy Lumba.

The 58-year-old musician, who appears tormented over how he was deserted by loved ones, unveiled that his circumstance caused him to gain some significant experience of illustrations and furthermore gave him the clarity, that individuals who are always closer around him never cared for him sincerely.

He uncovered that his well known track named “Yentie Obiaa” was enlivened by the phony love he was given by loved ones when he recuperated.


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