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‘You Are Stupid If You Boldly Claim Publicly That You Have A Boyfriend’ – Counselor Lutterodt To Ladies

Popular Ghanaian counselor, Counselor Lutterodt is on the ladies again and this time, he is claiming only a stupid lady will boldly say she has a boyfriend publicly.

In his view, dating a guy is not something that is official so there is no need to publicly boast about it and he made this known while speaking on Onua TV’s Anigye Mmre after a rising artiste stated that she had yet to find a boyfriend.

In his submission, he said;

“Any girl who can boldly say she has a boyfriend is a very stupid woman. I won’t add any apologies to it. I keep on saying, we only advertise husbands, not boyfriends.

You ask a girl, do you have a boyfriend? And their answer is affirmative, I heard someone on your show saying, he called his baby mama to listen to him. They are invalid people we don’t discuss, we discuss wives because they are legitimate.”


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