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The popularity of BTS’s songs is no secret. Their unique blend of rap, rock, and electronic music has made them one of the most popular groups in the world. The group includes members like ARMY, Pdogg, “Hitman” Bang, Supreme Boi, and more. Here are five of their best tracks to get you moving. And don’t miss their other hit songs! Read on to learn more about these sensational artists.


The ARMYs or army of BTS fans refer to their community of followers as their “youniverse.” Their songs have inspired ARMYs to do great things, from singing along to joining fan clubs. They even participate in web variety shows and participate in the daily social media updates. They have also been making music videos and livestreams of different activities. In order to be considered an ARMY, fans must have a genuine love and respect for BTS.

The ARMYs’ intense devotion is usually used for good, although some members have displayed extreme sentiments towards certain public figures. For example, one ARMY’s anger over an Australian television network’s racist comments led to the network apologizing, and some fans have questioned whether the ARMY is logically thinking or acting as a community. While this might not make much sense, it’s true that their collective thinking can result in some extreme behavior.


The South Korean music producer Pdogg has been collaborating with BTS ever since the group was formed. His production for BTS has been instrumental in the group’s greatest hits, including Fire, I Need U, and Boy in Luv. He is an avid foodie and takes pictures of food, so it’s no wonder he’s an integral part of the group’s success. His acclaimed albums have garnered him nominations for Grammy Awards and Billboard 200 charts.

The successful producer is always seeking new challenges and genres. He tries to listen to different genres and fill in the “lacking parts” of the artist. In addition, he focuses on highlighting the artist’s good points. These are a few tips for budding producers to follow in the footsteps of Pdogg. This young producer will help you to become a successful producer! He has been working with big Korean artists such as BTS and Lee Hyun.

“Hitman” Bang

Known professionally as “Hitman,” Bang Si-hyuk is a South Korean producer, songwriter, and record executive. He is the founder of Big Hit Entertainment and a max shareholder of Pledis and Source Music. His career began at Seoul National University, where he met Park Jin-young, who had founded JYP Entertainment. The two became close friends and teamed up on songs for the boy band G.O.D.

Since his early childhood, Bang has been obsessed with music. He debuted as a composer and arranger in his early twenties. Despite his parents’ discouragement, he grew up to compose music and performed as part of several musical groups. He was nicknamed “Hitman” Bang when he was a member of the boy band G.O.D., but he quickly moved on to other projects.

Supreme Boi

Supreme Boi is a South Korean rapper and producer. He is a member of the Big Hit Entertainment label. His early days with the label began as a trainee but he left the group before his debut, believing that the group was too elitist for a younger audience. In the early days of the group, Supreme Boi worked on their rap line, co-writing the lyrics with RM and producing it with Suga.

Although he is now a producer and songwriter for the popular K-pop group BTS, he is still known as a rapper. BTS originally had eight members, including Supreme Boi. The group is currently composed of seven members, including Supreme Boi. The group’s music career began with a single song in 2009 called “Fake Love,” which was later remixed and produced by Supreme Boi.


RM’s solo songs are a unique combination of lyricism and depth. The lyrics are both humorous and profound, letting you know that you are not alone. Among the many RM solo songs, “Trivia: Love” is perhaps the most romantic. Its clever lyrics are a reminder to be human, not an imposter. Though RM may not have all the answers, he is learning and growing.

While the songs of BTS were mostly pop, a few standouts stand out. The lyricist RM is an amazing songwriter, writing songs for BTS’ pre-debut album, 2AM, and GLAM. Despite his young age, RM had impressive underground hip-hop skills, working under the pseudonym Runch Randa. He also collaborated with Block B’s Zico. He has credited himself with over one hundred and seventy-five songs according to the Korean Music Copyright Association. In fact, he is the youngest songwriter in KOMCA history.


After being in the limelight at the Grammys and in the headlines of music magazines, BTS took a walk down memory lane for their music. They had been planning a world tour for years, and the band was already planning to perform in Barcelona and South America. The group was also in talks to perform in Mumbai. Luckily, these are just a few of the shows BTS will perform this month. But before BTS can take the world by storm, they have to first tour Japan and China.

Fans are excited to see what the band will deliver for their fans in June. While it’s difficult to predict what to expect, they have been teased with teasers and photos. The first teaser shows V walking away from the camera in the desert. From there, the music video cuts to different individual shots of the members. They appear to be dressed in different eras. For example, V is wearing a blue suit and holding a rose. Suga is standing on a red piano, and Jungkook is holding a hand up to his eye. The teaser video was accompanied by numerous responses from BTS fans on social media.

21st Century Girl

The song “21st Century Girl” by BTS is a heartbreaking song that reflects double standards in modern society. The lyrics express longing and strength, and are related to the story of the sowel ferry incident. It is a song that will make you want to accept yourself despite what other people think of you. However, it’s not for everyone. There are some songs that are better than others at conveying the same message.

Not Today

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The visuals of “Not Today” are absolutely phenomenal. The song’s pounding rhythm is reinforced by the precision of the choreography. It shows BTS leading a crowd of black-clad dancers. As the video continues, the group members begin to toss their limiting clothing off as a form of protest. In the video, the boys are even shown being chased and shot. The MV, which was released a week prior to the album, has surpassed five million views in just half a day.

Hip Hop Phile

“Hip Hop Phile” by BTS is a song from the album Dark & Wild and was released on August 20, 2014. The lyrics talk about the relationship between the members of the group and hip-hop culture. It also pays homage to their respective influences. Listen to “Hip Hop Phile” by BTS below. We hope that you enjoy it! There are more tracks from the group to come! Read on to find out which ones you should skip!

The song is a tribute to the female audience, which aims to inspire them to be the best version of themselves. This song features rapping from Suga, whose verse declares, “You are strong.” BTS members also share writing credit with RM. In the song, BTS members praise the female audience and stress the importance of consent and respect. The song also features a churchy breakdown. The video is entertaining, and many people have a great time with it.

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