Alan Tudge Children: How Many Kids Does Alan Tudge Have?

This article features Alan Tudge Children and more information about him. Alan Tudge is an Australian politician, was born in Pakeham, Victoria on February 24, 1971. His parents were veterinarians who moved to Australia as Ten Pound Poms after meeting at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

While his father was born in England and his maternal grandpa was born in Canada, his mother was born there.

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Tudge was raised by his mother on a small farm close to Pakenham after his parents split up when he was approximately six years old. He was born here and has British ancestry, but before he entered politics in 2010, he renounced his dual citizenship.

Before completing his senior year at Haileybury, Melbourne, where he graduated in 1988, he attended a local elementary school. Tudge graduated from the University of Melbourne with bachelor’s degrees in law and arts (Hons.).

He succeeded Andrew Landeryou as president of the Melbourne University Student Union, marking what he said as the first time a non-Left president had won in many, many years.

During the 46th Australian Parliament, Tudge was one of seven Liberal MPs who received degrees from Oxbridge or Ivy League institutions. The others were Josh Frydenberg, Angus Taylor, Andrew Laming, Dave Sharma, Greg Hunt, and Paul Fletcher. Tudge received an MBA from Harvard University.

Alan Tudge wife

Tudge had a wife named Teri Etchells. Due to Tudge’s adulterous activities, they divorced in 2017 after 20 years of marriage.

Alan Tudge Children: How Many Kids Does Alan Tudge Have?

They have three kids together.