Reactions As MP, Adwoa Safo Buys Chevrolet Corvette Worth GHC462,000 For Her On His Birthday (VIDEO)

The Member of Parliament for Dome Kwabenya Constituency, Adwoa Safo is in the news once again.

This time, Adwoa Safo is in the news for buying an expensive car that is worth $60,000 (GHC 462,000) as a birthday gift for her son, Kelvin. The car that she bought was Chevrolet Corvette.

The video was shared on the popular social media platform, Instagram by a top Ghanaian blogger, and in the video, Adwoa Safo could be heard saying she can now have some rest as she presented the car to the boy.

This has garnered some reactions from social media users who can’t understand why she did not buy one of her father’s cars and opted for a foreign car since her party has been preaching to Ghanaians to patronize ‘Made in Ghana’ goods.

Watch the video below;

Some reactions the post got are;

ameyaw112 – Money is sweet happy birthday Kelvin

_keen_luv – Our money 😂😂😂😂😂

divaangels – What about her fathers cars. Anyway in abroad ni you can buy any type of car on credit as long as your credibility & payments are on point. 🙌

tashairis1 – What happened to Kantaka cars🤔🤔

lynette_nyarko – Why not Kantanka car buy what you sell 😂

akwasi_ppong – She couldn’t patronise her dads car!! So unpatriotic 😹😹so how then does she expect Ghanaians to patronise her dad’s cars??

walter_harry1 – Instead of using the money to develop your community, you’re spending it on cars hmm 😔

crip_the_badguy – Ghana’s money has nothing to do in this Issue of Adwoa Sarfo buying her own son a car you guys shld wise up 😂😂

3tn_slimelife – 😂😂😂 I will never waste my time to vote in Jesus name.because everyone will be doing same when they come to power.

furz_san.prinz – Eiii the E-Levy envelope ✉ lol 🙆‍♂️ 😂😂…The way the president tier me E-Levy yesty transfer paaaa.Like uncle wey send nephew to call woman give em wey he refused 😂😂😂.I swear am expectin ashalpt road to my village with E-Levy next year 😮 😂😂😂

bennm50 – E-levy is developing the Country Ampa 👏

cheka_bonita – Some comments here suck, hei yo keep all these bad energies to yourself. If not anything, I remember Adwoa Sarfo back then as a kid I used to watch luxury living of Bola Ray and Adwoa was the youngest lawyer back then and the house she was living in was damn good, hei and a reminder, the families rich. Am looking for connections for my future kids so that they won’t grow up bitterly to spew negative comments on social media. Poor thinking and mindset is a curse. Talk of E-levy and government funds when did it even start for these rich people. Ohia kasa no mo ngyae. Growing up most of us wished we could have mingled with the influential kids who are now here.