A Lady Revealed How She Shared Her Husband With Her Twin Sister Without Him Knowing


An unknown Lady has finally confessed to making her twin sister “marry” her boyfriend on their wedding day, and they still do!

A lady has shared her story on how she made her twin sister marry her boyfriend, below is how she said the story,

After I grew up, my best friend was my sister. From playing with the same toys to reading the same books and eating the same food, we did all the work together. We even have the same friends in sсhооl. Surprisingly, this may be strange, but this is because Mayn is my twin sister… and they say the twins have normal recreational activities.

Since Mаyn, I have never felt like I need someone else. Not only my sister and my best friend but also my secret, I can trust all my secrets. Even though we went to a different university, our address was not compromised. By then we may have made different friends and important things, but we are still talking about it and sharing everything from our new interests to good teaching and the little boys we love.

Shortly after we both graduated from university and got a job, May left after earning a job on the other side of Singароre. My parents and I stayed at home but contacted Mаyn. He visited us on the weekends and had lunch together to wake us up.

It was during this time that I met and fell in love with Edmund, a lovely foreigner from London. I met him on one of my working trips. Edmund and I went so well from the beginning that we started dating a few weeks later. Three months after establishing a relationship with us, he sent it to me!

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Perhaps we met Edmund during family lunch when he returned to visit his family. I talked to Edmund about my twin sister, but it was still fun to meet another lady who looked just like me.

And we all disagree with Edmund because he can’t separate us. He even went into the kitchen and put his hands on May’s purse, only to find that it was me!

But Mayn might be joking, maybe Edmund should marry us both? We laughed, but at the time I didn’t reveal things that would really ruin it.

Because later, during my weekly conversation with Mаyn, he admitted to me that he loved Edmund, not just his brother-in-law. He said apart from that he has a lot of emotions. She expressed that she was happy for him.

Hearing May, I hurriedly got angry and surprised. yet I was not really. Somehow I knew that Mayn would love Edmund as much as I did because we always had the same interests all the time. Likewise, Perhaps I too have never been silent among us, so I was not surprised that he was just right with me.

I chose to do the odd thing and recommended Mayn that he might meet Edmund in my house – without his understanding. He could not disclose it separately in any way.

Plus, for someone who loved our wedding, when I went out to change my next outfit, it was Mayna who came back wearing a dress, while I kept an eye out for who I was. We had a great wedding and most of the people at the table had never seen Mayn and I too had been there for a long time, as we were young, so we had a goal to end it. We never talked to anyone about what we did. I needed Mayn to point out the most important day in my life as I did, and I was overjoyed to see her burst into tears of joy when Edmund kissed her.

Since then, Mayn and I have “assigned” Edmund. Sometimes, you will eat with him after work, rather than me. On the other hand, they will go out to the city, and it will be acknowledged that it is I. I also wish I had made sure I would not disclose this to anyone around us.

Sometimes I feel very sorry for keeping Edmund in secret, yet it has been going on for so long, so how could we let him know? Maybe one day we may need to reveal what we did. I love Edmund, but I love Mayn very much. Plus, to get the answer, I just need her to be happy.

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