Renowned Ghanaian YouTuber, Photographer and Videographer has categorically stated the kind of people who motivated him to join the YouTube community.

Samuel Dogbe GI is a fast – rising YouTuber in Ghana and the Host of the Lens Master’s Show. His video contents has attracted a whole lots of reactions on social media. The content creator in an interaction with Ato Nketsiah on the Late Evening Lounge on Bramcom Radio Online, a Takoradi- based Internet radio explained why he entered to the YouTube space.

To him, his motive to join the YouTube community was not for business purpose as compared to today. Initially, he wanted to use the YouTube as his backup for his skits he was shooting while on campus. Only to know that, one can even make good use of the channel to make some cool cash from it.

Watching Woode Maya, Kojo Sheldon and Nii Yemoh inspired me to do more. Looking at their net worth only from YouTube empowered me to do it a full time business.

But according to the CEO of GI TV, something worries him. He made it point blank that, getting the support from friends on his contact list was not easy at all. It seems everyone was complaining of Data. To him, it was true because, Data in Ghana is much more expensive that is why people do not watch video on YouTube.

But to solve that issue, one should always create the content the masses want or move them because they are the ones on your Wishlist.

His motivation to the Young YouTubers got the host excited. He says, continue to do what you best best because, when you get broke, no one is going to support you.

He peaked his quote by saying, I never get discourage with my craft because this YouTube is paying me well.

Source: Bramcom Radio Online