Blakk Rasta Reveals Why Nana Appiah Mensah Is A Credible Man

Blakk Rasta Reveals Why Nana Appiah Mensah Is A Credible Man

Ghanaian Radio host and singer, Blakk Rasta rain some praises on Nana Appiah Mensah, better known as NAM1, saying he is a credible person.

Blakk Rasta has been in the entertainment industry for a very long time, he has been doing this radio work for years now and currently working with Nana Appiah Mensah’s Zylofon media as a radio host.

We all know who Nana Appiah Mensah or NAM 1 is in Ghana, if you don’t know, he is the owner of Xylofon media and then Menzgold business who was dealing in gold investment in Ghana and beyond. He is a young man and rich, currently, many Ghanaians refer to him as a fraudster because Menzgold has collapsed due to some reasons and he has failed to refund his customers’ money back.

Nana Appiah Mensah who is popularly known in Ghana as NAM 1 was running the Menzgold smoothly and the business looked like a promising venture that made lots of Ghanaians invest their monies in.

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Blakk Rasta recently announced that he is resigning from the Zylofon FM but what baffles people is his love for NAM 1 despite his resignation.

He was interviewed on TV3 and Blakk Rasta made it known that despite the difficulties he has endured as a result of the collapse of NAM1’s gold dealership company, he remains resilient.

He said: “NAM1, I think I saw him two weeks ago. He is doing fine, hale and hearty. He is a very strong guy, yes he’s gone through issues political and so on. He has issues, a man has come out boldly to try and tackle his issues it is better than playing the ostrich. There are people who know they caused this mess but they want somebody to come clean up their mess.
“For me, I think NAM1 has come out publicly to say yes I owe people and I am paying. What is better than this? He was able to deliver on time and do his things, all of a sudden somebody comes out to say his papers are not right. Regularize the papers, you didn’t. You said shut down the business yet pay… you’ve killed a man yet you are asking him not to shake,” said Blakk Rasta.
“The day I get to know that NAM1 stole anybody’s money or he was fraudulent, trust me, I will be the first person to fire, fire, fire. NAM1 is credible… I am very sad too, some of our monies are also there (Menzgold). He will bounce back certainly. If he doesn’t bounce back, I will bounce him back with prayer,” he added.