(+VIDEO) OWASS SHS Students Take Rap To Another Level; Netizens React

(+VIDEO) OWASS SHS Students Take Rap To Another Level; Netizens React

OWASS SHS is one of the best senior high schools in Ghana, aside from being academically good, two of their students have shown us the new level in Gh rap.

OWASS SHS has been trending on social media as netizens go crazy about a new freestyle their students have posted. We can practically agree that not all students in our various schools are academically good, some have the natural talent we need to pay massive attention to as well.

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Most students are gifted with singing, rapping, dancing, artwork among other things that we see on social media always example young talents building their own cars from scraps and others.

It has always been interesting to see most of our young people use social media to showcase their talents in Ghana or Africa as a whole. However, these OWASS students in your photo have stunned many social media users with their incredible rapping lyrics.

You can see five students from Opoku Ware Senior High School (SHS) in the video, but it was the two students closest to the camera who were rapping these incredible lines. The three students behind them were just dancers supporting their friends. These young talented students of OWASS goes by the social media name Kweku Jeremie and Acidic Khojo Ray.

Kweku Jeremie began his lyrical rap, which was followed by Acidic Khojo Ray. The lyrics in their rap are about how women react when they are first proposed to. They claim that women usually reject men’s proposals due to financial problems, but if you start spending money on them, they would finally give up and accept your proposal.

After seeing this video, some social media users stated that they would give these students a 10/10 for their rapping lyrics and flow. Others said that Ghana is blessed with a lot of young talented guys, but the system is favoring them to build upon their talents.