Five Tele Novelas Which Won The Hearts Of Ghanaians

Tele Novelas

I am very sure you fell in love with any of the Tele Novelas listed below, now let take a look at them one by one.

In as much as Ghanaians have shown much patronage for local movies, they also have a high affinity for foreign ones. Included in these foreign series are the various telenovelas or Tele Novelas.

There are some telenovelas that shook the core of this country. People especially women, wouldn’t want to miss these movies for anything else, and were always available before the show started. I recall how some market women had to close very early so they reach home in time for these telenovelas.

There is no doubt there has been a countless number of these movies but I decided to select five out of the many. These are what I think actually got much love from the general public;

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1. Rosalinda

This was a Mexican telenovela produced in 1999. Luckily for Ghanaians, TV3 Ghana took it right to our doorsteps in the early 2000’s. I remember how adults would lament if they missed this amazing show. This show even started the “flower fashion trend”. You would see school girls put flowers on their ears, just because they wanted to imitate Rosalinda.

Tele Novelas

2. Cursed by the sea

This was also a Spanish telenovela that ruled for a very long time. It attracted a large audience and the theme song alone could get you excited. This movie talked about a lady known as Estrella Marina who just couldn’t leave the sight of the sea. Indeed, she was cursed by the sea.

Tele Novelas

3. Shree

This Indian telenovela was shown on TV3 in the afternoon. It talked about a family which was haunted by a ghost. I remember how it forced students to rush home after school closed. Everybody just didn’t want to miss it.

Tele Novelas

4. Simply Maria

This is one of the most realistic telenovelas you would ever come across. In most telenovelas out there, the lady usually marries her first love, no matter what he did to her. This is quite different, Maria snubbed her first love and walked right into the arms of the Professor. We will forever be grateful to UTV for giving us the opportunity to witness that great masterpiece.

Tele Novelas

5. Hidden passion

Three brothers had fallen in love with three sisters. Well, the ladies loved the guys but their mother was the antagonist. This movie is one of the greatest telenovelas you would ever come across.