See What Moesha Boduong Did To Afia Schwar And Ayisha Modi After She Returned To Social Media

Moesha Boduong

Moesha Boduong has made a surprised post on social media months after her purported depression and her new path she charted as a new creature in Jesus Christ.

Moesha Boduong is one of the best female actresses in Ghana, she is also known to be an Instagram model who is widely known distinctively for her big backside which she normally flaunts in bikinis, emerged from her hibernation to respond to a comment shared by blogger GHKwaku.

The Ghanaian blogger had asked his followers to name (tag) their favorite celebs and see if they will show them, love, by responding. It was at this moment that Moesha popped up to mention that her only celebrity in her life is God (obviously to authenticate her born again status).

In this regard. Moesha invariably snubbed Afia Schwarzenegger, Efya, Tracey Boakye, and her benefactor Ayisha Modi by proclaiming a spirit being who can’t be seen is a rather favorite celeb.

In the same vein, Moesha Boduong was heard in a leaked audio that gained ground online speaking to her godmother Ayisha Modi and thanking her for being her strongest backbone during these trials and tribulations.

She however told her not to fight trolls who continue to pass prejudicial comments about her owing to the new path she has chosen for herself since those people are ignorant about what she’s truly going through and what Jesus Christ intends to use her body for.

Here’s all that she said;

Ayisha, pray for me. I am here, and they are praying for me. But I am craving chicken and sausage. And tomorrow I want goat meat. Ayisha, God said I should tell you that you are pampering me too much. Keep pampering me, okay. When I get the money, I will buy a biscuit and Fanta for you, okay. Now, I am poor. I don’t have money, but I will get money soon. When I step out, I will do God’s work. You would follow me, won’t you, Ayisha?
Aiysha, thank you so much. I wanted to make you laugh. I know you’ve been praying for me. God should give you wisdom, knowledge and a discerning spirit. Solomon asked God for wisdom. You have a hardened heart. Relax, calm down. Do you know why you are aggressive? It’s because you love everybody the same way. So when you don’t expect them to do things the way they do. Then it hurts you but take your time.
See, when you were bringing Daddy into my life, you and I even fought over him. Rember, I said no, no, no. You didn’t take your time. You should have taken your time to explain to me. When you are advising me, please take your time. I want your advice but take your time.
Tell them I have spoken to Moesha, and she is fine. When people talk about me, don’t scold them. Just tell them that you leave it to God. She is my daughter, and God has saved her. Henceforth stop talking about my daughter. She will come out soon to do God’s work. When she comes, I will join her to share the gospel. Stop worrying my daughter. God wants to use her for God’s work. Tell them that when Moesha comes, she won’t go straight into hard-core ministry. She would start gradually.
Now I am a born again Christian… I will go to church and do good. I won’t wear mini-skirts again. I won’t sleep with people’s husbands again. Now my body is the temple of the lord. I won’t give it to anyone again… If they insult me, let them. We will pray for them…Ayisha, I love you soo much. I cant wait to see you and hug you.