Tiwa Savage Cracks Joke About Her Leaked Tape In Latest Interview

Tiwa Savage

The Nigeran sensational Singer, Tiwa Savage finally and officially made mention of her well-trended leak for the first time since it came out.

Tiwa Savage was all over the news after an alleged blackmailer released or leaked her intimate video with her boyfriend. This particular leak brought a lot of discussions as many said she intentionally did that to promote her new album which featured an American musician.

The truth behind the leak is not revealed yet as to it was planned or someone really blackmailed her. Now before the leak hits the internet, she was interviewed on so many platforms and she made it clear that someone is actually about to blackmail her with a tape of her and her boyfriend.

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Tiwa Savage made it known that the video will never hit on the internet or in other words no one can blackmail her, but the opposite of her wish happened as the tape finally hits online and was all over the world.

Tiwa Savage speaks about her trending S3.xtape (DETAILS)

Now she was recently interviewed by Cosmopolitan, where Tiwa Savage joked about the sex tape leak. While on the Secret Talent Test with Cosmopolitan, Tiwa was asked to test out her ventriloquist skills. She was given a puppet and asked to make the puppet tell us a story.

Tiwa Savage then took the puppet and while holding it, she said in a funny puppet voice:

There was once a girl, who once had a sex tape and that’s the end of the story”

WATCH VIDEO BELOW (The joke starts at 5:44)