The Man who married 13 women surprisingly impregnates all of them at the same time

13 women

Meet the man who married 13 women and surprisingly impregnates all of them at the same time

The man who married 13 women and gets all of them pregnant has become one of the many things happening in this world. When it comes to marriages, different people go into it for diverse reasons. There are a lot of people who go into marriage because of procreation. Others do so because it presents important opportunities for them. There are several types of marriage systems practiced by different societies around the globe.

The commonest forms are monogamous and polygamous marriages. Monogamous marriages relate to only two partners living together as a couple whereas polygamous marriages relate one person to more than one partner. It is worth noting that different jurisdictions around the world permit either one or all of the forms of marriages out there.

Whereas monogamous marriages are common in most societies, a lesser number of people engage in polygyny. This is mainly because it requires a lot of cooperation between all parties involved. A polygamous marriage could be between one man and several wives or vice versa. The fate of these marriages depends on the willingness of all the women to live together peacefully and that is the hardest thing to achieve.

More often than not, polygamous marriages are characterized by confusion and it is simply because every partner would want to be in control of everything and this usually spells disaster.

This article is the story of a man who has married 13 women and lives together with all of them. All 13 of them speak highly of each other and have agreed to live together peacefully.

The most thrilling part of the whole story is that the man has impregnated all of his wives at roughly the same time; between 3 and 5 weeks and they are all expected to give birth at the same time too.

This story has been trending a lot on social media, not only because all the wives are pregnant at the same time but also because of how they are able to co-exist peacefully in such a marriage.

This goes a long way to prove that the most important quality that keeps marriages together is respect and understanding. Thanks for reading.

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