Tracey Boakye – I Never Snatched My Friend’s Husband; I’m Not A Snitch

Tracey Boakye

Kumawood actress and movie producer Tracey Boakye has come out to finally address a rumor that she snitched on her former friend Akua Amoakuwaa and took her husband.

Tracey Boakye was called out on social media some time ago if you remember by one of the controversial bloggers in Ghana, Those Called Celebs, and heavily accused her of being a snitch on Akua GMB and also snatching her husband, Dr. Kwaku Oteng.

Tracey Boakye
Tracey Boakye

It was clearly out on how allegedly Tracey Boakye destroyed Akua GMB’s marriage with Dr. Kwaku Oteng. Those Called Celebs then alleged that Tracey Boakye recorded her phone chats with her former friend, Akua GMB, and forwarded them to Dr. Kwaku Oteng which led to what happened in the past.

Look at the text below carefully 👇

Let me tell u how secretive i cld be when it comes to my work…..when her best friend was dating her husband n spending weekend with him nyinaaa….i was aware but I never utter a word to Akua……do u know how dey did to [email protected] her?? She thought s33….she got a friend she can lean on….when she calls this friend who is now de mistress of her ex-husband…she will record her n send to de man….or put her on speaker for the man to listen to some……I’m not here today to throwback ….NEVER!! but am here to tell u dat….make Christ ur only hope and friend….he will never forsake u…..he will never betr*y u …he will never take ur bread from u…..he will never watch u s*ffer ….. every mans downf*ll issa man….so be VIGILANT OKE……. they love u today cux dey can use u….dey come closer today so dat…. dey can know de root of ur success… stuffs u use to bake ur bread so dat….dey can push u away to take over…..LOVE ALL BUT BE WISE .

Tracey Boakye has now responded to the allegations in a live Instagram video saying that she is not a snitch and never snatched her friend’s husband. She emphasized that she can never date her friend’s husband.

“I don’t like my friends’ husbands oo. I don’t do that. I’m not a snitch. God will never bless me if I were doing that” 

she said

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