I didn’t know his outfit was an SDA uniform, I thought I was dating a pilot – Lady claims

I didnt know his outfit was an SDA uniform I thought I was dating a pilot Lady

Wonders!! Most relationships nowadays are based on the material benefits a person can gain from his or her partner.

There is very little or no love in most relationships due to the above agenda. Today’s article is about a certain lady whose name remains unknown who decided to consider what she will again from his man before getting into the relationship but unluckily for her, it has ended in flames.

The love this lady had for her man has dropped like the value in Ghana’s currency. What at all in this world will cause a person to just quit a relationship or forgo the love she has built for years with some seconds?

The lady we are talking about is one of the ladies out there who goes into relationships not because of the love they have for a guy but because of what they will get from them.

The lady decided to date a man who had a well-to-do job and could cater for her in every circumstance she found herself one and started dating.

She fell in love with the man because she had seen this man in a uniform with many ranks on his clothes. Love had bloomed between them, these two started talking to each other online and were hoping to build a nice future together. She thought the ranks on his chest meant he had a high rank in an institution.


To the Lady, she has found a Ghanaian pilot who would make her happy. Well, never did she know the man had no idea about how to fly an airplane. He was just a normal person trying to make ends meet.

The uniform he wore wasn’t related to being in the military or being a pilot, it was just an SDA uniform. SDA is basically a shortened form of “Seventh Day Adventist” and it is a church.

The uniform you see up there is a brigade uniform. He might not be a pilot like she was expecting but he is a Brigadier General for Christ!!!

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