“I Want To Date A Man Who Will [email protected] And [email protected] Me When We Are In Bed” – Lady Reveals

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A beautiful lady has made a shocking statement about the man she wants to date and many social media users can not keep quiet.

Most girls have certain characters they always check for before choosing a man to be in a relationship with. Some of them are funny but some are also real when it comes to choosing their life partner.

A beautiful lady in an interview with a popular Kumawood actress Nayas said she wants to date a man who will [email protected] and [email protected] her during s3xual encounters.

According to her, any man who will sleep with you and still [email protected] you while having a s3xual encounter with you is a real man. To her, those men are very good in bed and know how to make a lady have a nice experience in their life.

Well, that sounds controversial but that is her wish when it comes to choosing her partner. You may choose her words or leave them. Will you allow this to happen to you?

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