VIDEO-Food Vendor Exposed For Selling Pen!s As Meat To People

VIDEO Food Vendor Exposed For Selling Pens As Meat To

For some time now Ghana has been full of news about rituals and other [email protected] cases alongside some serious crimes.

There is a shocking video trending online which shows a Ghanaian woman popularly known as Akosua who had consumed two-thirds of the local delicacy Tuo Zafi from a food joint before she realizes the meat looks like a human pen!s.

Her own Reads;

 I had gone to get some food from the food joint because I was hungry and my preferred choice was Tuo Zafi which I bought and took home to eat. I had eaten all the other meat in the soup and was about to finish off with the biggest piece when I noticed the male genital organ.

I don’t know but I think more people are dying because of the food they consume from outside or at food joints.

Some organization was making sure food people sell outside are good for consumption, as their operation was to make sure food we buy outside passes some certain health requirements before they can be sold or make ready for public consumption.

But the case has changed these days as we see people set up their good joint without making sure the environment or even the food is in a good state for the public. There are no strict procedures by the government or the ministry to check all this so anyone just finds money and setup a food joint.

Maybe the only thing to reduce the occurrence of these incidents is to make sure that, anyone who wants to set up a food joint for human consumption goes through a certain process to ensure what they are bringing out is fit and safe for anyone to eat.

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See the video below 👇