Jealous Man Bathes Lover With Acid For Allegedly Cheating On Him [Photos]

Grace Amezando is a 25-year-old lady who has had one of her ears totally burnt and part of her face disfigured after her angry boyfriend she stays within a kiosk at Ashongman Estates attacked her with an acidic substance.

This is very sad as most of her body parts like, hands and chest have been deformed making it difficult for her to stretch her hands.

According to Grace who is also a mother of two, her boyfriend who is known as Bright Bosso, prior to the tragic attack, alleged that Grace was cheating on him and he has threatened to make her look like an old woman.

Grace said ;

We had a misunderstanding on the 11th of May and he said I thought I was beautiful and that is why men are chasing me so I should wait and see. I would look unattractive very soon,

She told crimecheckghana

Before the incident happened, her lover who was suspecting her of cheating threatened her at midnight around 2:00 am while she was asleep in their kiosk with their children.

She also said that she felt a hot substance on her body, which quickly started causing her burning sensations. The substance is known to be an acid, according to her some of it splashed on her little children who were closer to her causing them some injuries.

Though she didn’t see who poured the acidic substance on her heavily suspected her children’s daddy was behind the attack because when the incident happened, the disappointed boyfriend told a neighbor who had called him to inform him about the happening that he was at Kasoa “but within a short period of time he appeared in the house drenched in sweat and the neighbors who were around to help looked at him with shock.”

One of Grace’s friends who contacted Crime Check Foundation (CCF) for support said the suspect, who has so far been remanded, was a jealous boyfriend and feared losing her to another man and therefore attacked her to look unattractive.

Madam Agbozo also made it known that, while she struggled to get proper medical care, the man rented out their kiosk and topped up the money to hire the services of a lawyer to defend his case. 😳😳😳

Grace was taken to the Atomic Hospital and also the 37 Military Hospital where they said they couldn’t handle her situation. She was later referred to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital where doctors recommended immediate surgery for her but we couldn’t afford the cost

She said

The friend of Grace further also made it clear that “Bright has been arrested and has been remanded by the Kwabenya Circuit Court but the processes to prosecute him are being delayed.”

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