I K!lled Atta Mills And Otumfuo’s Mum – Afia Schwarzenegger Confesses

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Afia Schwarzenegger is out again, this time she decided to be the comedian, she came online and accused herself of a number of things.

Afia Schwarzenegger this time decided to accuse her own self of many things as her new relevance agenda. She begun by saying, most of the people on social media are new and they don’t know her so she will like to introduce herself to them or her new fans.

Afia Schwarzenegger
I K!lled Atta Mills And Otumfuo’s Mum – Afia Schwarzenegger Confesses

Schwarzenegger accused herself to be the mother of all s*x workers and fraudsters in this country. She then declared herself to be on the side of the LGBTQ+ community and she chose herself as their leader.

She proceeded to shift the conversation to the death of our former presidents, she said, she killed former Presidents Atta Mills, Jerry John Rawlings and Kwame Nkrumah.

Afia Schwarzenegger was soo happy after claiming that is what she has done. She continued by making it clear that she also killed Otumfuo’s Mother.

She confidently claimed that she is behind the mortuaries being full. Afia carried this matter to the president and boldly said she was the one who forced Nana Addo tto him to say “All die be die”. Former President Mahama also received a straight hit as she revealed that she was the one who let him say he was a dead goat.

Afia concluded by calling herself a bad person, and that is the only reason why she doesn’t keep friends. Afia Schwarzenegger is obviously looking to boost her online presence or gain more influence.

Watch the video below;