Wendy Shay Helps Dhat Gyal Out After Hearing How Drugs Are Destroying Her

Wendy Shay Dhat Gal

RuffTown Records top talent, Wendy Shay has recently offered to help out one of the top raising female singer, Dhat Gyal after listening to a very emotional and sad story about how her life has been destroyed.

Dhat Gyal was on her way of becaming the next big singer in Ghana with her amazing song mushups which Ghanaians fell in love with her voice.

Now this amazing beginning has fallen apart as Dhat Gyal allowed drugs and depression to take over her life. She revealed her sad story in an interview on Okay Fm.

Dhat Gyal made it clear that, she painfully lost her mother at the early stage of her life, and the difficulties of living without her mother led her to live a ghetto life which she eventually became addicted to weed.

Her situation got worse after her mush up videos starts making waves in Ghana, she begun to see fame and all of a sudden someone who knows her street life posted a very disturbing pictures to expose her.

This post gradually saw her hardworking career chances decrease and depression took over her life, Dhat Gyal finally went off social media and her singing career was no more.

Now let pray she bounce back and get the much needed attention as well. Thanks to Wendy Shay, let see what she will do for her.

See the video below πŸ‘‡