This Is How My Gay Partner Infected Me With HIV/AIDS – Ghanaian Journalist

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Richard is a radio presenter who works with a radio station at Kade in the Eastern Region, Richard recently revealed in an interview with Crime Check Foundation how he got infected with HIV/AIDS. saw a video of an interview in which Richard was the guest, he started narrating his story as he told the host that first of all, he traveled from his village to Accra to seek a better life.

He made it known that life was very bad for him as he managed to survive with little income from the sale of water during the day and “nkatie burger” at night while he was living on the streets.

This journalist went on to tell how he came across some group of homosexual friends who promised to take care of him. Having been a hustler and trying to get something for himself and his family, Richard accepted their offer and saw them as Samaritans.

The friends never disappointed him, they fulfilled their promises but Richard paid them with s3x, after some time, he then traveled back to Kade and resumes his journalism work, he resumed his health program and everything started going on well.

On one of his shows, Richard interviewed health personnel who dived into HIV/AIDS and motivated everyone to check his or her status, Richard then gains the confidence to check his status, but the result was very heartbreaking, he was positive.

Richard released he got this HIV /AIDS from his homosexual friends in Accra, he then encouraged himself to overcome the pain and muster the courage to become an advocate to educate the world about the reality of the HIV /AIDS virus.