26 year old lady weds her own mother in a grand style lesbian partner

This is shocking and surprising at the same time. A 26-year-old Lady just got married to her biological mother to live as husband and wife and build a new family. This news has been the most shocking one on our platform this month.

It was explained that the daughter is the head of the house meaning she is the husband while the mother is the wife in the marriage.

It was gathered that Lolita, 26 years of age, was married to her mother, Loretta, 44 years of age and both agreed to live happily together as husband and wife in South Africa.

Lolita in the excitement of her found love, was cited to have said: “my mum was there for me since I was born. I grew up without having a father and I love my mum so much. “She is all I have, and I don’t want to stay away from her. That is why I chose to marry her so we can live together.

“She’s young and knows how to make me happy in bed.”

The mother, Loretta, celebrating the love, was cited to have said: “my daughter was ready to leave the house if I refused to marry her. I love her so much and will do anything to make her happy.”

Many have responded differently to this, but it is their life.