Twɛrkiŋg glare: Sheena Gakpe celebrates her birthday with wild dance moves

Sheena Gakpe

Fast-rising Ghanaian actress and model, Sheena Gakpe, is celebrating another beautiful milestone.

The actress and model is a year older on Wednesday, April 28, 2022, and Sheena Gakpe has taken to social media to announce and celebrate.

Sheena Gakpe, who has carved a niche for herself on social media all because of her iconic backside is currently trending.

Following her birthday, Instagram has been flooded with her photos and videos as her loved ones could not hide their admiration for her.

Below are some of her captions and posts;

When the candles get lighted and the music plays louder, then it is another graceful life around the big clock. To be alive in good health is the greatest blessing I’m grateful for as I turn a year older today. This is to say Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to ME. 

One Time For The Birthday Girl  Heavy on gratitude and extensive happiness now and forever