Mika Rotunda biography

Mika Rotunda biography: How Old Are Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas Sister?

Mika Rotunda biography

Mika Rotunda biography: Mike Rotunda is a radio show host and is the sister of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas.

Mika Rotunda Age: The Rotunda family needs no introduction when it comes to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Mike Rotunda, whose stage name was Lawrence Michael Rotunda, is Mika Rotunda’s famous father. She is the only daughter and only child of her father.

Mike won hearts in the ring from 1980 until 2004, when he retired and gave the wrestling business to his two sons, Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas. Both Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas are still working in the business.

Mika Rotunda has made a name for herself in the business world as a blogger, fitness fanatic, media personality, and film producer.

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt

What’s Mika Rotunda’s age?

Mika Rotunda celebrates her birthday on the second of August. But the year she was born has not been made public.

Mika’s childhood was exciting because when she was young, she could see her father train for fights.

After she finished elementary school, the rising star in the media went to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting’s vocational program. There, she learned the basics of radio and TV broadcasting. Mika started working in the media as soon as she had the right credentials, and she didn’t waste any time.

Mike started her career in broadcasting at a local TV station

Mika Rotunda worked as a production assistant for a regional TV station while she was still in school in 2012. This gave her valuable experience in the broadcasting industry.

Mika Rotunda took part in a few independent film projects in the years that followed. The OAP got a job as a production assistant for the show Jannus Live at a Florida TV station after she graduated from Connecticut School in 2012. She has worked there since the year 2012.

She could get a few jobs in the filmmaking and video editing industries once she learned how to make movies and was good at using software like Adobe Suite.

Mika Rotunda used to work with bands like Cage the Elephants, Dropkick Murphys, and Dirty Heads before she joined WTOG TV – CW44. After getting a job at WTOG-TV/CW44, she worked in the film production department, which made ads and commercials.

In 2015, Mika switched from being a singer to being a radio host

By 2015, the media personality had moved her job to a CS Media Group-owned radio station, where she eventually became an on-air radio personality.

Drew Garabo’s radio show Drew Garabo Live, which started on Bone 102.5 FM in March 2017 and was hosted by her, soon hired her as a co-host.

People in the Tampa Bay area think the radio station is one of the best. You might be able to watch Mika’s show on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Mika Rotunda is a host, but she also has other responsibilities, like going to events as a station representative or just doing her job as a master of ceremonies (MC).

She moved to the related business Cox Communications in 2017, and by July of that year, she was promoted to account executive.

Mika Rotunda Is A Part Of WWE Too

Mika Rotunda started working for WWE in 2015, and her first job there was as a ring announcer.

She has worked in WWE’s production unit since April 2017, and it seems like she gets a lot of happiness and satisfaction from watching her brothers compete in different sports.

She is now working backstage on the production of WrestleMania 33. She is also still working on her other shows while she is busy with the WWE.

Mika has made a lot of money in her line of work and is very popular and active on social media, especially on her YouTube channel called Next2NextMika, where she talks about nutrition, fitness, and workout routines.

She doesn’t post very often, but once every few months, she adds a video to her profile. She has a lot of people who follow her on Twitter, in the thousands.

Mika’s Father Is Legendary Mike Rotunda

Mike Rotunda is proud to be the father of the beautiful TV host.

During his time in the WWE, he was one of the best wrestlers in the ring. Between 1980 and the beginning of the 2000s, he was one of the wrestling stars who kept people interested and won a lot of awards because of it.

Mike was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, on March 30, 1958. He got his diploma from Newark Valley High School in New York. Mike took part in amateur wrestling during his last year of high school.

In 1976, he won his weight class (215 pounds) and got fourth place at the New York State Championships. Before he started working as a professional wrestler, he wrestled in college at Syracuse University.

Who is Mika Rotunda?

Lawrence Mike Rotunda has only one child, and she is his only daughter.

Bray Wyatt


Bray Wyatt

How old is Mika Rotunda?

Even though we don’t know Mika’s exact birth year, we do know that she has a birthday on August 2.

How many brothers does Mika Rotunda have?

Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas are Mika’s brothers. Her two brothers are both wrestlers for WWE.

Does Mika work for WWE?

Mika’s first job in WWE was as a ring announcer in 2015. She is helping with the production of WrestleMania 33 right now.

When Windham was young Lawrence Rotunda was born on May 23, 1987, in Brooksville, Florida. He went to Hernando High School, where in 2005, at 275 pounds (125 kg), he won the state wrestling title. In 2005, he went to college. He also played defensive tackle and guard in football. Rotunda played football at the College of the Sequoias for two years. As a sophomore offensive guard, he was named to the second team of All-Americans. He went to Troy University on a football scholarship and played college football there for two years. After deciding to become a professional wrestler, he left Troy 27 credit hours short of a bachelor’s degree.

Career in professional wrestling

On the February 5, 2009 episode of Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), he beat Brian Jossie in his first match, which was a dark match. Rotunda first appeared on TV in April 2009, but he did so under the name Alex Rotundo. He changed his name to Duke Rotundo after a while. He started working with his brother Bo in June 2009. The Rotundo Brothers beat The Dude Busters (Caylen Croft and Trent Barretta) at the FCW TV tapings on July 23.

This made them the top contenders for the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship. That same night, they won the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship by beating Justin Angel and Kris Logan. They then beat Dylan Klein and Vance Archer and the team of Curt Hawkins and Heath Slater to keep the championship. The Rotundo Brothers lost the title to The Dude Busters at the FCW TV tapings on November 19.

He joined NXT on June 2, 2010, taking the name Husky Harris. Cody Rhodes was his WWE Pro. The next week, on the June 8 episode of NXT, Harris made his first appearance in the ring on TV. He teamed up with Cody Rhodes to take on Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) and Percy Watson, but they lost. On the June 22 episode of NXT, Harris turned bad by attacking announcer Matt Striker, just like Rhodes did the week before. The next week on NXT, Harris lost a one-on-one match to MVP.

In the first poll, Harris was ranked seventh out of the eight rookies. Harris moved up to sixth place in the second poll, which kept him from being eliminated. [18] On August 9, the rookies competed in a six-man tag team match on Raw. Harris’ team won when he pinned Kaval, but the next night on NXT, Harris’ team lost a rematch. Later that night, the poll showed that Harris had moved up to fourth place among the six rookies. Harris was one of two rookies kicked out of NXT on August 17.

After he was kicked out, he and Rhodes attacked Kaval, which led to a fight that MVP and Kofi Kingston also took part in. [21] Harris came back in the season finale of NXT with the other rookies who had been eliminated. They all joined forces to attack Kaval, who had won the season.

Rotunda kept wrestling in FCW under the name Husky Harris even though he was on NXT. After being kicked out of NXT in September 2010, Harris started a feud with Percy Watson in FCW when he attacked Watson during a tag team match, which led to Watson getting pinned and losing. When Harris and Watson fought in a match, they got into a fight outside the ring and were both counted out. [24] This led to a match with no disqualifications, which Harris lost. [25] In October, Harris beat Watson in a lumberjack match, putting an end to their fight.

The Link (2010–2011)

At the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on October 4, Harris and Michael McGillicutty, who were both wearing masks, interfered in a match between John Cena and Wade Barrett. They helped Barrett win, which meant that Cena had to join Barrett’s group, The Nexus. The next day’s episode of Raw showed who Harris and McGillicutty were, but Barrett said he hadn’t asked for their help and wouldn’t make them full-time members of The Nexus.

The next week on Raw, Harris and McGillicutty caused Cena to lose a match against The Miz. This made Barrett give Harris and McGillicutty a chance to join the Nexus. Harris and McGillicutty lost to Cena and Randy Orton in a tag team match on the October 18 episode of Raw, so they didn’t get into The Nexus. Harris and McGillicutty joined The Nexus on Raw the following week, even though they had lost the week before.

Harris (left) was part of The Nexus with David Otunga (center) and Heath Slater (right) in December 2010.

In January 2011, CM Punk took over The Nexus and had an initiation for each member. Harris passed his initiation, which involved getting hit by the rest of the group, and he was allowed to stay in The New Nexus with Punk, McGillicutty, and David Otunga. Harris and McGillicutty challenged Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov for the WWE Tag Team Championship on the January 31 episode of Raw, but they lost.

After that, Orton attacked the two as part of his rivalry with the Nexus and punched Harris in the head, which was used to get Harris kicked off TV.

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