Public Toilets Owners Ready To Increase Fees

Many owners or caretakers of public toilets in Accra have made it clear that rates for public toilets may rise because of rising fuel costs.

Mr. John Esefu is one of the popular custodians of the Accra Tema Station public toilet, he spoke with one of the top news agencies in Ghana News Agency making it known that his facility utilized borehole water and was thus not impacted by the present difficult economic situation.

Public Toilet

He also made it clear to the media that his facility currently costs GHS1.00 per person, but for the way things are going, he would be obliged to raise the rates if individuals who emptied their tanks did so.

Mr. John also claimed their main clientele were pedestrians, station merchants, students, and office employees.

Nii Adei, the keeper of a public toilet at Kaneshie Zongo Junction, said they may raise the cost if “dislodgers” did.

“They used to charge GHS400.00, but now they now GHS500.00, therefore we had to up our rates.

“We used to charge 50 pesewas for paper and GHS1.00 for toilet roll. “Now the toilet roll costs GHS1.00 and the paper is 0.70 pesewas,” he remarked.

Adei said despite the economic difficulty and increases in water bills, t-rolls, and old newspapers, he kept the previous pricing, but his office may raise them if gasoline costs rise again.

There was a price of 40 pesewas for a urinal and GHS1.50 for a bath at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle New Station.

Although several low-wage customers grumbled about the exorbitant costs, one Caretaker suggested they would raise it again if the water rate was raised.

While we know we deliver value for money, I’m worried we may have to raise the cost if the economy worsens.

“We have to invest money to give water to clients and maintain the place,” he continues

Another public bathroom near Nkrumah Circle train station cost 80 pesewas for toilet paper and GHS1:00 for toilet rolls.

The Caretaker, Mr. Daniel Martey, stated his institution would raise its fees shortly due to the high cost of toilet rolls, bleach, antiseptic, and other supplies.

“We do think about our clients, but we also need to find a balance,” he said.

The Maamobi General Hospital’s public toilet price has risen from 30 to 50 pesewas each person, while the urinal fee has increased from 20 to 30 pesewas.

The Ghana News Agency said that the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital’s public urinals now charge 50 pesewas every admission, while the toilets price GHS1.00.