Guy , iPhone 13 Pro Max

A guy whose name is yet to be known has been sighted in a viral video crying after buying a fake iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The guy we are talking about was seen in a viral video holding what looks like iPhone 13 Pro Max with her roommate laughing at him. It is gradually becoming something normal about people who sell phones on the street.

But first of all, why would you fall for this type of trick on the street. In the video that was posted online, the guy is clearly seen leaning on a wall wearing a sad and depressed face while the android iPhone he unboxed laid on his lap.

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His roommates on the other hand were seriously laughing and mocking him for not listening to advice. From the look of things, his roommate warned him not to buy that particular iPhone 13 Pro Max but he did not listen.

The video was shared on Instagram by the victim with the caption; ”I just wasted all my money”