Lady Narrates How Her best friend snatched Her US-based fiancée who landed to marry Her, they’re now engaged [video]


A beautiful lady has taken to social media to explain how her best friend snatched her US based fiancée.

Day in and day out people are becoming greedy and it’s not healthy at all, in a video we spotted on Instagram, a young lady was seen crying all because December 28th was supposed to be her traditional wedding but because of her friend, it has been trashed.

According to this lady we are talking about, her fiancée who is US-based planned for their wedding and he even returned from America last week for the marriage but betrayal then fell under her feet.

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This beautiful lady narrated that upon his return to Nigeria, the man has proposed to her best friend despite their wedding being scheduled.

She however stated that it was via Facebook that she got to know about the engagement between her best friend and her man.

She also dished out a piece of advice to people to be wary of friends who act sweet and nice around their loved ones.