Watch: Kid playing with enormous python goes viral


A little child can be seen when a python appears in front of her out of nowhere. Read more to know why the python came.

Wonders in this world can never end, today we are here with another mind-blowing article about a little child and her encounter with a huge python. The video features a small girl playing with a huge snake and this video is all over the internet now.

In the video, the little kid can be seen wearing a bright red T-shirt, pants, and blue footwear, sitting outside her house. The toddler can be seen resting when a python appears in front of her out of nowhere. The child calmly plays with the snake-like it is a well-trained one.

In one shot, the girl can also be seen resting in a circle made by the python’s body like she’s on some poolside lounger. While this made some people angry as the child’s life appeared to be in danger, others sang praises for the little kid.

Netizens are stunned to see how the little child played with the python and were amazed by her courage. The video has garnered over 92,000 views and over 4,000 likes on Instagram.

below are some comments from netizens,

chiran3715 – Wow great….. Impressive from support india

treepy_chick – A snake 🐍 will always be a 🐍]

Terms11 – This is not real, am even scared watching God.

Eben_k – Wooooow only Indias can do this.