(VIDEO) Police Officer Falls Asleep While Transporting Young Man To Station


There is a trending video that shows the moment a police officer fell asleep whilst transporting a civilian to the police station after he was arrested.

Ghana Police and wonders, today too there is another amazing video about a police officer who was sleeping on duty. This video we are talking about is currently trending on so many social media platforms with so many reactions from Netizens.

The video was leaked by the young man who was arrested by the police officer, the video also revealed the parlor where the police officers drank beer before proceeding to the police station.

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The young man who was arrested filmed one of the police officers who was busily drinking his beer and the video also showed the said officer deep asleep in a car whilst they were taking him to the station after extorting from him.

Watch ;

See some reactions from netizens,

Cashdday – Ah Ghana police or Nigeria police am confused mpo

Africanboy1 – These police officers need to be fired, see en stomach

Gabby3 – They are legends of our time

Kwameben – Kweku chains must see this asap.

Kingb3 – Herr they are chilling oo

honstly0 – He looks like Nana Addo o

Mansa2 – Let them chill December is here.

Danbe – waa look at them, the guys can escape kora