SHS student flogged by mother after video of her boyfriend kissing & caressing her boobs went viral (video)

SHS student

Video of an SHS student being flogged by her mother popped up online after her lovey-dovey video of her and her boyfriend went viral on social media.

In today’s article, we will show you how an SHS student got flogged by her mother after her video with her alleged boyfriend went viral on social media. It is becoming a normal thing as we always see SHS students kissing or chopping love online.

What the mother in the viral was spotted doing has attracted a lot of people’s attention to the previous video of the lady and her boyfriend kissing and chilling. Many people have reacted massively to the video circulating on social media and asking if what the mother was doing to the girl was right or wrong.

It has been a matter in the public to stop using a cane to punish children, especially in schools.

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Though no one can tell an individual how to treat your child the fact is treating your child should not go to an extreme to infringe on the child’s right. It may be good sometimes to teach a child the way he or she should go to have his life in the right manner.

The question everyone is asking is that, could this be the right way to punish a child? And if not what could be the right way to punish a child.