Why Most Fans Say Ronaldo Is Not Close To Messi In Football

Ronaldo, Messi

Some people seriously do not know why others compare Ronaldo and Messi.

They are the greatest of all time the game of football has ever had, and we are so lucky to see them play. That thing of penaldo and pessi has to stop because things like this bring about comparison and hate.

Remember to enjoy them while you can, and remember how lucky you are to see them play. I would not say Ronaldo is not close to Messi in football, but I would say they do not belong to the same tier.

Messi Ronaldo

Most fans say Ronaldo is not close to Messi in football mainly for two reasons. Firstly, statistically speaking, Cristiano Ronaldo is only comparable to Messi at scoring goals. They both scores a great number of goals, and this is the main reason the two of them are put together in discussions.

Cristiano Ronaldo and messi

When we go to the other areas of the sport, however, Messi is ahead of the Portuguese, the Argentine makes more assists, makes more dribbles, creates more chances, gives more passes, and he does this thing in an extraordinary and efficient way, and he rarely makes mistakes.

Messi owns the game from the middle upfront. This alone already put them in different categories, one can score goals, and the other can score goals, five assists, create chances, control the game and make dribbles. This is just pure Maths.

Secondly, there is one more thing that puts the two even further apart, and that thing is the immeasurable part of the game. Messi is simply different, he can do things that most players would not even consider attempting.

In the end, If one takes goals away from Cristiano Ronaldo, he got nothing against Messi, but if you take goals away from Messi, he still remains a good dribbler, a world-class midfielder, and a genius.